Legacy Nudes

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Legacy Nude #4

 Exuberance (26x38)

 #153 (Deluxe Edition)  Printed in 1995

 List Price: $3,000 

 Sale Price: $1,500

Legacy Nude #8

 Nice and Easy (26x32)

 #163 (Deluxe Edition)  Printed in 1994

 List Price: $3,500 

 Sale Price: $2,000

Legacy Nude #9

 Golden Carnation (26x38)

 #163 (Deluxe Edition)  Printed in 1999

 List Price: $1,500 

 Sale Price: $1,000

Legacy Nude #11

 Silk Stockings (26x36)

 #107 (Deluxe Edition)  Printed in 1988

 List Price: $4,000 

 Sale Price: $2,500

Legacy Nude #11

 Silk Stockings (24x36)

 #318 (Regular Edition) Printed in 1988

 List Price: $3,000 

 Sale Price: $1,500

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Vargas Deluxe Edition: (less than 300 of each were printed, only 200 numbered)
Opalesque paper has a silk-like opalescent surface that highlights the beauty of the artwork. Because the Opalesque surface resists absorbing the inks into the paper, the print is rendered with remarkable resolution, vibrant colors, and a luminous quality. The skin tones and fabrics in Vargas' works are particularly well depicted. Opalesque paper is reserved solely for our Vargas Deluxe Edition prints. In most cases, the Deluxe prints have a smaller edition size than the Regular Edition prints, thus making the Deluxe prints more rare and, consequently, more valuable.

Vargas Regular Edition: (less than 600 of each were printed, only 450 numbered)
 Arches is a high-quality watercolor paper and is widely used for original works of art as well as for limited editions prints. Because it is a watercolor paper, Arches will draw the lithographic inks deeper into the surface of the paper and the resulting prints tend to have a somewhat more muted tone than prints made on Opalesque paper. Arches paper is used for most of our Vargas Regular Edition prints. Typically, the Regular Edition prints are published in greater numbers than the Deluxe Edition prints for any particular image.

    Legacy Nude #4  (153/200)        (Deluxe Edition)

        Legacy Nude #8  (163/200)        (Deluxe Edition)

        Legacy Nude #9  (163/200)        (Deluxe Edition)

    Legacy Nude #11  (107/200)        (Deluxe Edition)


  Legacy Nude #11  (318/450)   (Regular Edition) Special Price: $1300