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'Moulin Rouge' LE Art Print by Olivia De Berardinis

'Moulin Rouge' LE Art Print by Olivia De Berardinis

" Moulin Rouge "

'Moulin Rouge'
Art Print of Pamela Anderson by Olivia De Berardinis

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Condition: Very Good, New.

Olivia's provocative renderings of the female form have been revealed in scores of international magazines including Playboy, Heavy Metal and Zoom.  Since 2002 her art work has become a regular feature in Hugh Hefner's Playboy Magazine  each month. Unbeknownst to most they actually work as a team  - Olivia supplies the images, Hefner writes the captions.

Her art has a wonderful deep, vibrant feeling for the feminine form.  There is a determined elegance to her approach, its boldness, its reality within the traditional fantasy, within the eros.  She celebrates the essential ego and the insatiable libido of mankind.  This is her talent, indeed, her artistry.

It’s now clear that Olivia has been successful in taking the torch from Boles, Petty, and Vargas to become the world’s  #1 Pin-Up artist.

Now the art of this world famous illustrator is available at on affordable price for every collector!

Moulin Rouge - Signed - Pin Up Art by Olivia

 38” x 24”   Lithograph Poster Printed on Keramique Paper (27 X 39 Frame)

Edition: 413/500

Date Printed: 1990

Model: Pamela Anderson

Atelier/Printer: Glow Graphics/Choice Lithographs Publisher: Robert Bane LTD., INC.

All printing plates/stones/screens have been DESTROYED making this print one of a kind!!!

This print is also embossed with the OFFICIAL Robert Bane LTD logo.

 Some larger items are shipped by FedEx, all others are shipped by USPS

Sorry that some of the Digital Camera images are not so clear.
Some were taken with a flash and some without,
making the item look darker in some and lighter in others.

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