The Gatefolds

During these years certain issues had "Calendar" pages and had no Vargas Gatefolds. These issues were usually the January issues of the magazine with the exception of December 1940 which had the Calendar for 1941 which allowed the January 1941 issue to have a gatefold.

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The Varga Calendars

In addition to the normal Calendar runs, there were an additional Calendar releases which were called the "Yearbook" Calendars. These were produced in a more limited number and each image had a distinct border around them. Even more rare were the "Military" Calendars, which were for the most part reprints of the esquire Gatefolds. Listed below is the normal Calendar runs of that year.

NOTE: The 1947 Calendar did not contain the usual Vargas signature. Also it was not called the "Varga Girl" Calendar, it was instead called the "Esquire Girl" calendar because of pending litigation between Vargas and Esquire at the time.

NOTE: The 1948 Calendar was not released by Esquire. It was released by "Varga Enterprises" and were pulled from the newsstands because of a copyright dispute between Vargas and Esquire

1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948   Osborne "Birthstone" Calendar

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