Vargas Limited Edition Lithographs Guide

Whether you are an experianced Vargas Collector or just starting out, some of the finest examples of his work is available, in their full glory, as limited edition lithographs. Aside from their apparent beauty and quality, they are well known as great investment opportunities! Many of these fine lithographs see dramatic increases in value as they become sold out. This guide is designed to help you identify what Vargas images are available in the way of limited Edition Lithographs. You should note, with a few exceptions, that even though there is a "Penciled" Vargas signature on each of these prints, these were not signed by Vargas himself but by proxy under the authority of the Vargas estate. You should insure that each print you purchase has a Certificate of Authenticity. As an added precaution you should also try to make sure that you deal with a reputable art dealer when purchasing.

First Vargas Lithograph Art Print

Tale Of Two Cities

Year: 1978     Yearning


Year: 1979    Childers Lithograph Editions


Year: 1989    Elite Lithograph Editions          Note: The "One and Only" is available at The Pin-Up Gallery

The Legacy Nudes        To view more about the 12 Legacy Nudes, Click Here

 Vargas Legacy Nudes #1-6     Vargas Legacy Nudes #7-12     Note: The Pin-Up Gallery has 4 of these available.

San Francisco Art Exchange

Year: 1985 - Present
San Francisco Art Exchange is the leading authority on Vargas. In addition to being the only gallery authorized by the Vargas estate to publish Vargas Lithographs, they also carry alot of the earlier Limited Edition Lithographs as well as Vargas posters and other Vargas Collectables.

NOTE: You may not find every Lithograph the SFAE published available on their website as some have been SOLD OUT.