Welcome to the Vargas ID List where the Vargas collector can learn more about Alberto Vargas and his art as well as provide a resource to help the collector enrich their collection. This ID list is to help the Vargas collector identify, catalogue and find Vargas illustrations for their collection.


NOTE: This is only a guide, the information was collected from various sources but some items may not be verified. There is the possibility that this list may contain some errors or omissions. If you should find an error or omission please let us know as soon as possible so we can make the correction. If you have any other information and images you wish to contribute, please contact us.

Vargas Price Guide  as of 2004

The following price "Guides" are the result of tracking the going rate of items on eBay and other online auctions sites. These guides are just that, Guides, and are in no means an attempt to set rules on what an item is worth. When purchasing a collectable item the golden rule of thumb is buy what you like! And pay what it is worth TO YOU! These guides are just to give you an idea of what a "Fair Market Value" of an item may be. You will notice that all items have a Minimum and a Maximum Price, as with any collectable, especially paper, condition plays an important part in determining it's value. If you get an item at the low price and it is in excellent condition you can be assured you got a good deal.